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This is now the archive site. We've moved to

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This site welomes all audiences. It is both factual and speculative in nature and it uses the interdisciplinary relationship of several main sciences to explore human advancement.

We explore and present information on technological activities (and their associated social implications) that have the capacity to not only enhance our survival probability as a species, but to improve the quality of life as we move along the evolutionary path. We are non-partisan, and are neither anti nor pro-religious, preferring to remain neutral regarding theories and beliefs which can be neither proven nor refuted scientifically.

We are proponents of science and technology in the sense of being realists in recognizing that technology is coming whether we as a species or whether any one of us as an individual like it or not, and believe that the most effective action we can take is to learn more about technology in order to collectively guide its proper use toward a positive future.

A Word from the Executive Editor

I would like to thank everyone who has watched and participated as the site has grown and evolved over the years and want to invite you to our new domain We've updated our content to include the latest and greatest developments in science and technology, and remain consistent in our message that the future is full of endless possibilities. Our considered actions today can ensure that we apply science and technology to improve the human condition: both now and in the future. Please join us at our new location as we continue to explore the Future of Human Evolution. Email me anytime at the address below.

Mr. LaChance has been a Management and IT Consultant for nearly 20 years, working with some of the world’s most influential organizations including companies in Fortune’s Global 100. He integrates people, process, and technology in creative ways to help organizations solve their most complex business challenges and achieve their long-term strategic objectives.

He has been writing on the subjects of science and technology for more than ten years and is the Founder and Executive Editor of the Future Human Evolution website.

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